About TDRD

Q1 2022

Launch of TWT
- Creation of DAO
- DAO voting
- De-rugging the first DAO project
- Distribution of the DAO funds to members and the rugged people of the chosen project

Q2/3 2022

The Rug Insurance Protocol Token by: TWT

The Rug Insurance Protocol Token is a token that the public can mint before minting a project to ensure them that they will be compensated if they got rugged by the project they will be minting, this can be accessed on our website or on the app that we will be building after our launch,
TDRD will get the funds from the DAO yield farm and the revenue from the minted token.

Q2/3 2022

DAO Yield Farming 
- ​The Weary Travelers will have yield farming available to the DAO members, it will be in the form of staking the DAO funds from the best yielding token available
on the blockchain.

Q3/4 2022

The TWT mobile application
- ​​The TWT mobile will allow users to view their NFT holdings in their wallet, track the price movement, track the creator's address and transactions.
- View the latest rug news on Solana and Ethereum
- Vote for a poll on whichever the DAO would like to de-rug